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Refreshing sweet tea and desserts made for you.

With fresh sweet tea, homemade desserts and a smile, New Born Teas & Desserts makes everyone feel the love. We offer a range of tea flavors to quench your thirst and desserts that feel like home.

“Our sweet tea and homemade desserts are made with love. We strive to provide our customers with the most delicious and unique treats. "

Discover Why Customers Are Raving About Newborn Teas

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Delicious Taste

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Feels Like Home

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Southern Made

Jaqueline Howard-Clark

Birmingham, AL

" The Newborn Teas and Dessert brand is fascinating! Their offerings range from Sweet/Unsweetened,peach tea and lemonade. Their cookies are freshly baked and their lemon pie is amazing.  I’d love to offer them a top rating of 5 stars for everything they offer!"

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Meet the

The beginning of Newborn Teas & Desserts will always originate from the humble upbringing of Arizona Winborn who was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama.

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