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The beginning of Newborn Teas & Desserts will always originate from the humble upbringing of Arizona Winborn who was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. It all began in the late 1970's when Arizona was just a teenager who enjoyed the taste of southern sweet tea. Arizona often referred to the taste as "simply refreshing". 

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Arizona, remembers so vividly the many times he would visit his childhood friend's home & his mother often asking him if he'd like to have a glass of southern sweet iced tea. For many years Arizona enjoyed her tea, until her passing. Unfortunately when she passed her tea was no longer available to him. The desire for the "simply refreshing" tea never left his taste palette. What is so special is that Arizona was able to bring back to life her southern sweet tea, although she had never given the recipe to anyone. The gift that Arizona has in culinary did not just began with the ability to create tea, but to also perfect his skills in desserts and additional beverages (pies, cookies & lemonade). The love and passion for culinary derived from his mother whom he recalls as an excellent cook. As a hobby, Arizona began to perfect his culinary skills and offered teas & desserts to friends and family.


For over 10 years, Arizona and Cassandra worked together as a team. Arizona, taught his wife (Cassandra) how to prepare the teas, pies, lemonade and cookies. In 2022, a turn of events arose and they decided that it was time to take their passion and love for teas & desserts to whole new level. With strategic planning & branding "Newborn" Teas & Desserts was created and became the new name for the brand. The future of New Born Teas & Desserts look bright and the owners are excited to share with the world their brand.

- Arizona & Cassandra Winborn

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Southern Tea & Dessert company offering teas and desserts.

Serving Birmingham,Al. & Atlanta,Ga.

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